Jackie and Godfrey, from Australia
Kyoto Pre-wedding and Perth Wedding Day

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Jackie and Godfrey are both medical doctor in Perth, Australia. Our team served them from their pre-wedding to their post-wedding, services provided by our team including :

  • Kyoto Pre-wedding Photo

  • Perth Wedding Day (Photo and Video)

  • Hong Kong Post-wedding Photo

  • Hong Kong Banquet (Photo and Video)


Jason & Wena, from UK and Philippines respectively
Hong Kong Wedding Day

Would like to say a big thank you to Kenneth and his team for helping to make our Wedding day in Hong Kong very special. We had two photographers and assistants with us the whole day from around an hour before the wedding ceremony in the afternoon until late in the evening. This also included an hour by the swimming pool of the hotel at our request.

The end result is around a 1000 high quality photographs that captured the whole day perfectly. Fully recommended. Thanks again to the team!

Charlotte, from Hong Kong
Hong Kong Wedding Day

Every single piece of Kenneth's photo is telling something. This is the strongest feeling every time when I look at our wedding photos.

I was a lazy bride and not willing to spend too much time and effort for my wedding. Kenneth was the cameraman for my friend, who got marry a few months ahead of me. I met Kenneth in my friend's wedding. We had a simple conversation about the style of photos that I prefer. I didn't have much expectation on the photos.

To my surprise, when I saw the slideshow of the morning section of my wedding, I felt in love with them. Kenneth captured all the meaningful moment, the smiling faces, happy tears, funny moments when my bridemates 'punished' the groomsmen. They were great snapshots. Every single piece of photo was exactly the style I like. Kenneth is a professional photographer. He is also a good listener.

It has been two and a half years since our wedding. Every time when I look at the photos, they recall all the wonderful moments. Thank you Kenneth for his effort. I am always more than happy to recommend him to my friends when I know they need a photographer. May God bless him and his family. Wish him all the best!



Johnny and Tarn, from Thailand
Karuizawa (Japan) Pre-wedding

It was a pleasure working with Kenneth.

They all say that no matter how beautiful a place without good and kind people it wouldn't be a memorable place. Karuizawa is stunningly beautiful. With the color changing  leaves during the fall it was definitely one of most beautiful place me and my wife have ever been too. We were fortunate to be able to take our wedding photos there.

But more importantly we got to meet Kenneth who we met for the very first time. Not only he is an outstanding photographer but a warm helpful person who we felt comfortable working with throughout the days.

We are also very happy that we got to made friends with this busy photographer! I strongly recommend this trip for couples who wants to take wedding photos!

Carmen and Hindy, from Hong Kong
Macau Pre-wedding

Kenneth put his heart and soul into our pre-wedding photo shoot in Macau, he is an amusing person to work with, knowing how to relax our tense emotion when facing the camera, we really enjoy working with him throughout the whole process.

The after-services were excellent, and my thanks to the photographer and his crew for creating such a satisfying final product.




Terence and Sharon, from Hong Kong
Hong Kong Wedding Day

Very professional and thoughtful team with full of energy! The team was well prepared and provided clear guidelines to help us through the whole day photo taking process. Speedy deliver the stunning final products.

We're very happy that we chose your team for our wedding photo and video!