唐安麒美顏瘦身專門店 ANGEL FACE x Kenneth Lee Photography 最新聯營優惠方案公布

貴客現凡確認訂單參加我們的婚紗拍攝或婚禮拍攝 Plan,即可獲贈 Coupon 以享受以下優惠:

(a) 免費體驗一款皇牌療程乙次 (只適用於新客戶)

(b) 凡首次消費均可額外享有 10% 折扣療程回贈


ANGEL FACE BEAUTY CREATIONS x Kenneth Lee Photography joint promotion event :

Customers joining our wedding day / pre-wedding day photo service are eligible to enjoy following promotion at Angel Face Beauty Creations :

1) A free trial treatment* (new customers only)

2) Extra 10% saving upon first time net spending of all treatment items

Please contact us for service details