I am thrilled to be informed that one of my work was awarded in WPPI First Half Competition, I am feeling encouraged and will try my best to prepare for the upcoming second half competition, thanks again for your continued support!

Thanks all my clients who supported me and let me to take the beautiful photo for you.

In addition, I have just been officially informed that my membership level was promoted to Associate Membership in WPPI, gotta work harder from now on!

在 WPPI 的比賽中的作品獲得了一個獎項,感謝在過程中協助過我的朋友,現在感覺非常鼓舞,會繼續努力準備下半年的比賽,希望能夠再下一城吧!

在這次季度比賽後,我的成績已獲升等到 Associate 級別,希望繼續向各位同濟先進學習。看來,現在又少了一個理由來讓自己偷懶了。