Today, I was being asked by my client again, if they need to hire that EXTRA photographer, which I will normally propose to my client in the service quotation.

I am sure that they are not alone.

When it comes to wedding, everything is talking about the budget, and most of them will have the SAME question : Is it worth to have more than ONE photographers in the wedding?

My answer to this question is a YES, the major reason is that, our team are highly specialized, meaning that we have each role well-defined to document your wedding in a decent way, for an example : We have a photographer to document the flow of your wedding all the time (meaning he will document the whole day in a honest way), yet, we have another photographer to document your wedding in a story-telling way, and the style will be more of artistic and emotional, so at the end of the day, you will eventually get a complete set of photo truly reflecting what it was happening on the day - And this will never be able to achieve by a SINGLE photographer without backup photographer on site.

Also there are some more reasons for this :

1)   The photographer can’t be in TWO places at the SAME TIME

One of the biggest reasons why having a second shooter in your wedding is hugely helpful is because the photographer cannot physically be in two places at once. This applies to both adjusting light stands and posing groups as well as taking photos of both the bride’s face and the groom’s face as they exchange their vows.

The photographer also can’t document both the groom and the bride getting ready if they’re getting ready at the same time – which they usually are. Having a second shooter is monumental – the coverage is doubled for the entire wedding day.

2)   Different shooting angles

Perhaps you want a shot of your beautiful bride’s face as you slips the ring on her finger, but you also want a photo of both hands as this exchange happens.

A second shooter is the only way you can capture both of these once-in-a-lifetime moments, thanks to differing angles and vantage points. Close-up shots of faces can be also captured as you both walk down the aisle while our second shooter gets a wider angle of the whole ceremony, with all the guests’ faces beaming at the bride as she glides down the aisle.

There are so many different angles and viewpoints for the exact same scene, and having a second shooter there to ensure that we could capture at least a few varieties.

3)   Real moments happen simultaneously

Candid moments are candid for a reason – they are authentic, unexpected and irreplaceable. On a day as thrilling and hectic as a wedding day, there are so many reactions and events occurring simultaneously – all of which deserve to be well-documented by the wedding photographer. However, bringing back to our first point, the photographer can’t be in two places at the same time.

No matter how hard we try, as a single photographer at a wedding, you’ll ultimately end up missing a lot of beautifully candid moments. A second photographer will be able to help you capture twice as many candids, making the final gallery more complete and heartwarming.

4)   Different artistic viewpoints

Naturally, each photographer will have a different artistic viewpoint than others. Having two different viewpoints of a wedding day will provide a diverse and unique gallery of images that gives the opportunity to relive your amazing day from different perspectives.

In shorts, we just cannot risk your most important day with no backup photographer.

I hope by now you could better understand the reason why we need that "EXTRAS", and let me tell you a little secret : Our second shooters are not extras at all, they are all well-trained, experienced photographer, knowing the workflow of each wedding very well, and that's why I could count on them to deliver another beautiful shots.

If you have any questions regarding this topic, please feel free to contact me, I will be more than happy to answer them, until then, have a great and fun-filled wedding planning time with your loved one!